What We Do


Education through Workshops, Presentations & Conversation

Invite SPARKS Peer Educators into your class, residence hall, team or organization to facilitate conversations about many different health and wellness topics including alcohol use, mental health, self-care and safer sex practices.

Awareness through Engaging Events

SPARKS Peer Education puts on wellness related events, educational programming and campaigns throughout the year on various health and well-being topics and collaborates with dozens of campus and community partners.

Student Development and Support

SPARKS have been trained in active listening and motivational interviewing in order to provide one-on-one mentoring and support for students around health and wellness issues. They are extremely knowledgeable about campus resources can connect students to other programs or staff who can best help their peers.

Infusion of Health into Campus Life

SPARKS Peer Educators work with various student organizations and student leaders to promote health and wellness in students’ communities, including partnering with Fraternity & Sorority Life for the social event manager training.

Promote Services for Healthy Living

SPARKS collaborates with Student Wellness Programs to provide Safer Sex Supply Delivery and free STI Testing with Alamance Cares

Upcoming Events