What We Do

Group photo of peer educators Group photo of peer educators


Promote a Culture of Prioritizing Health

Student Health peer educators work to eliminate harmful stigmas surrounding health topics on campus by facilitating positive and informative conversations among students about staying healthy. SHS peer educators empower students to lead healthy lives by sharing information and promoting awareness of pertinent health issues.

Link Students to On-Campus Resources for Healthy Living 

All SHS peer educators are Certified Peer Educators. The NASPA Certified Peer Educator Training teaches valuable skills, such as active listening, response and referral skills, and how to take action and intervene. With these skills, the peer educators provide one-on-one support and encouragement for other students, which includes linking them to available on-campus resources for wellness. The peer educators educate student about the services available at Student Health, such as STD testing, immunizations, travel medicine, and more. 

Spread Awareness through Outreach

SHS peer educators spread awareness on various health topics through pop-ups and events, workshops and presentations, and social media platforms. Through outreach efforts, the peer educators equip students with the tools and information they need to lead healthier lives. Invite the peer educators to your residence hall, team or organization, or event to facilitate conversations about health topics, such as sexual health, the flu, sleep, and more. 

Collaborate to Reach More Students

SHS peer educators regularly collaborate with campus and community partners to reach as many students as possible. Student Health is a member of the Healthy 'Cane Network, which is a collaborative effort within the Division of Student Affairs to support students overall wellbeing.