Insurance Cards

Insurance cards are distributed early each semester but are not available until you have financially registered and paid your insurance charge and all other fees. Please update your local address on CaneLink to ensure that the card is mailed to the correct address. Contact United Healthcare at or 1-800-436-7709 if you have not received your card by September 30 for the fall semester, January 30 for the spring semester, or June 30 for the summer session.

Temporary or Replacement Cards

Temporary and replacement cards are available via once you have completed financial registration (you may experience a delay of 2-3 working days until your information is received by United Healthcare). Review these instructions to print a temporary ID card or to request a replacement permanent card. You can also download the United Healthcare App in order to obtain a temporary ID card. 

Effective Dates

  • Annual: Aug. 15 to Aug. 14 of the following year
  • Fall only: Aug. 15 to Jan. 9 (applies to graduating students only; documentation required)
  • Spring/Summer only: Jan. 5 to Aug. 14
  • Summer only: May 10 - Aug. 14

Card Information

  • Member ID: Assigned by United Healthcare
  • Policy #: Same as Member ID
  • Group #: 709872

Sample Cards

Student Health Insurance Plan

Sample Card

Travel Insurance Card