New Student Information

New Deadlines/Requirements

Due to COVID-19, we have revised our deadlines and requirements for the Summer 2020 term. Please see below for the most recent updates. 

  • Immunizations: Students who are enrolled for Summer only and will not be on campus and are not participating in any in-person instruction or training are not required to submit immunization information but are advised to do so if they intend to return for the Fall semester. 
  • Health Insurance: The revised deadline for domestic students to submit their Summer health insurance waiver is May 25th.
  • Influenza immunization will be required for all students during the Fall 2020 semester. Additional details will be posted on our Flu shot page as they become available.



Welcome to the University of Miami!  In order to prevent any issues with your registration or financial account, review the information below and complete all requested forms prior to the stated deadlines.   

Immunization forms must be received by the following deadlines: Fall - July 15th and Spring - December 15th.

Health insurance waivers must be received by the following deadlines: Fall - July 15th, Spring - January 7th, and Summer - May 25th. 

New undergraduate students may not have access to mystudenthealth until one week after payment of their admissions deposit.

Before Arriving

  •  Complete and submit an immunization compliance form
    • All students are required to provide proof of immunization against measles, mumps and rubella; and tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. All new students must also provide proof of immunization against hepatitis B and meningococcal meningitis or sign a waiver declining these immunizations. For students less than 18 years old, the meningitis/hepatitis vaccine waivers must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Students should also consider immunization against varicella (chicken pox). 
    • All international students must also be screened for risk of tuberculosis by completing page two of the immunization form. 
    • Nursing, physical therapy, and medical (M.D) students are required to obtain additional immunizations and tuberculosis screening as described on the nursing and physical therapy immunization form and medical student immunization form
    • Immunization information must be entered at and the completed immunization form must be uploaded to  prior to arrival on campus. Failure to comply with these immunization requirements prior to the beginning of your first semester will result in a registration hold.
    • Immunization information may be provided to the State of Florida FLORIDA SHOTS immunization registry.
  • Review the information on health insurance and choose whether to waive or maintain the University sponsored insurance plan. Students with limited out of area coverage or otherwise inadequate coverage are urged to carefully review their options before waiving the University sponsored insurance plan. Domestic students can waive the University sponsored insurance via the United HealthCare (UHCSR) waiver portal.  You or your designee will need your student ID (C#), date of birth, and health insurance ID card in order to submit a waiver request.  You will receive a waiver approval or denial (if we are unable to confirm insurance coverage) from within 5 business days of waiver submission. The deadline to waive the insurance for the Fall is July 15th.
  • If you are under 18, you and a parent/guardian need to fill out and submit the minor consent form.
  • Students will need to complete the Health History form and the Texting Opt-In/Opt-Out form under the "Forms and Resources" tab on the MyStudentHealth portal.
  • Arrange for your prescriptions to be transferred to the Walgreens Pharmacy at Lennar.
  • Students with on-going chronic or serious medical conditions should contact the Student Health Service at to arrange care and transfer records prior to arriving on campus.
  • Review the Student Health Service website and related policies. 

Academic Year 2020-2021 - New Student Information and Forms

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