Getting the Most from your Insurance Plan

Read the Health Insurance Brochure and review the Student Health Service website.

Understand basic coverage, co-payments and deductibles, policy limits, exclusions, and pre-existing condition limits. Please understand that certain medical costs may not be covered by the policy, and that verification of insurance does not constitute a promise to pay non-covered charges. Contact the insurance company with any questions.

Visit the Health Center for primary care services.

Services provided at the Health Center will usually be more affordable than those provided elsewhere. If you are referred to a specialist, consider returning to the Health Center to have necessary lab tests and basic x-rays. These services and other follow up care are likely to be more affordable at the Health Center.

Arrange specialty care with United HealthCare providers.

Uhealth specialist appointments can be scheduled at 305-243-4000. Out of area United HealthCare providers can be located at by choosing Find Physician, Lab or Facility and then selecting United Healthcare Choice Plus Plan, and entering the type of specialty and zip-code, according to these instructions.

Use the Lennar Walgreens Pharmacy whenever possible, and encourage your physician or other providers to prescribe generic, or other affordable medications.

Call the Health Center as soon as possible after any emergency room visit or hospitalization.

Follow-up care can often be obtained from Health Center staff.

Save copies of all bills, checks, credit card receipts, E.O.B's (explanation of benefits forms) and any other written documentation.

Determine your share of all charges, and pay promptly to avoid penalties or referral to collection agencies.

Encourage your physician, hospital or other providers to promptly submit bills, and to respond to requests for clarification or additional information.

Promptly respond to requests for additional information.

Seek assistance for any claims issues or disputes from United HealthCare.

If these efforts are unsuccessful, contact the Health Center at (305) 284-1652, or