Domestic Undergraduate students enrolled in six or more credit hours per semester and Domestic Graduate students considered full time are required to obtain adequate health insurance (see exceptions). The annual premium for the health insurance plan offered through the Student Health Service is added to each student's fees. Insurance Rates for the 2019-2020 academic year are available by clicking on the Rates link. Students must actively attend classes for at least the first 31 days (unless an official medical withdrawal has been approved by the Student Health Service) after the date for which coverage is purchased in order to remain eligible for the insurance plan. Nondegree-seeking, noncredit courses, homestudy correspondence, internet and television classes, and evening or weekend only programs or courses do not fulfill the eligibility requirements. 

Domestic students can waive the University sponsored insurance via the United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR) Waiver Portal. You or your designee will need your student ID (C#), date of birth, and health insurance ID card in order to submit a waiver request. You will receive a waiver approval or denial (if we are unable to confirm insurance coverage) from within 5 business days of waiver submission. Students with limited out of area coverage or otherwise inadequate coverage are urged to carefully review their options before waiving the university sponsored insurance plan. Deadlines to waive the insurance are July 15th for the Fall semester, January 5th for the Spring semester, and April 25th for the Summer semester. Please note that health insurance waivers must be renewed every Fall semester.

Students who previously waived the insurance charge during the Fall semester can reinstate the insurance prior to the Spring semester by completing the reinstatement request form and checklist. Coverage can also be reinitiated at the start of the Fall semester by choosing not to re-waive the charge, or at other times during the academic year, if within 30 days of termination of other similar coverage, by completing the reinstatement request form and checklist. Documentation of termination may be requested. The deadline for reinstatement of insurance is March 5th for the Spring semester. Please do not consider your reinstatement complete until reinstatement has been verified via CaneLink, the charge has been posted to your student account, and all charges on your account have been paid.

Students scheduled to graduate at the end of the Fall semester can request to be charged for the Fall semester only by completing an insurance fee exception form by September 1st. Students who request to be charged for the Fall only, and remain enrolled, will be subject to the Spring/Summer insurance fee.