Student Health Quick Tips

Should I drop-in or make an appointment?

Students may choose to be seen on a drop-in basis, however, we encourage students to make an appointment online at Wait times vary, but most students are seen within 30 minutes. The wait may be longer during busy times, or if an emergency occurs. Peak times are mid-day and late afternoon, especially on Mondays and Fridays.

To minimize your wait:

  1. Make an appointment online at
  2. Arrive early.
  3. Enter as much information as possible at the Self Check-In Kiosk. Some requests can be accommodated without having to wait to see a medical provider.

Which provider will I see?

Students are triaged to the appropriate provider based on their presenting complaints or clinical condition. Any student can request any provider; waits may be longer if you request a specific provider. Students with frequent or chronic medical problems are encouraged to choose a specific provider for primary care, appointments are the best way to assure continuity of care.

Will I be charged for my visit?

There is no charge for most routine visits. There are charges for visits to specialty clinics such as women's health and travel medicine, for lab tests and for procedures such as EKG's, X-rays and allergy shots. These charges are covered by the University sponsored Insurance Plan, and will be billed directly to the insurance company and can also be billed to most other insurance companies.
For students insured by the insurance companies that we are unable to bill (out of state HMO's, international insurance plans, Medicaid, Medicare) any amounts due will be charged to your student account. For services not covered by insurance (e.g. travel visits) any amounts due will be charged to your student account. Students covered by Cigna or Humana who want charges to be submitted to either of these insurance companies will need to designate us as their primary care provider.  Front desk staff can assist with this process. If for any reason students do NOT want us to bill their insurance provider, we will accept direct payment at the time of service.
In many situations (and always for students with the University sponsored United Healthcare plan) the amount collected from the insurance provider will be considered full payment. In other situations, there may be a balance after the insurance claim has been processed. Attempts will be made to collect remaining balances, but if they are unsuccessful, a registration hold will be placed until payment has been received.

A statement of charges can be viewed at Once charges have been submitted to your insurance company and the claim has been processed, you will receive an explanation of benefits (E.O.B.) from your insurance provider. If you have any remaining balance after your insurance claim has been processed, the remaining balance will be added to your student account.

Where is the Pharmacy?

Students can fill their prescriptions at the Walgreens pharmacy located on the first floor of the Lennar Medical Center. Walgreens at Lennar offers students preferred pricing (lower co-pays) for students with the UM-UnitedHealthcare insurance. New prescriptions can be filled at the Lennar Walgreens, via mail-order or at any other UHC participating pharmacy.

Do I need to come to the Health Center for prescription refills or referrals?

After your initial visit, your provider may be able to refill your medication or issue a referral without a visit to the Student Health Service. Please ask your pharmacy to submit an electronic refill request. You will be informed if a visit is required.

Student Well-Being Resources

Well-Being and Resiliency logoCollege can be challenging. For many students, it is the first time they are granted this much independence. Juggling classes, study time, and activities often leave little time for self-care, ultimately affecting well-being.

To help students understand the eight dimensions of well-being and access the many programs and services offered at the University of Miami, the Division of Student Affairs Healthy ’Cane Network assembled a collection of on-campus, off-campus, and online well-being resources at By taking advantage of all we have to offer, students will be equipped with the necessary resiliency, coping, and conflict management skills to address personal and interpersonal challenges in life.