Medical student requirements

All nursing, physical therapy and medical (M.D) students are required to obtain additional immunizations and tuberculosis screening as described on the nursing and physical therapy immunization form and medical student immunization form.   Health Sciences students are now able to complete their annual symptom reviews (PPD questionnaires) at mystudenthealth.

  1. Sign onto
  2. Click on ‘forms and resources’ on the left hand column
  3. Then click ‘Annual PPD questionnaire’.
  4. Answer the question and click ‘submit’.

Immunization information must be entered at prior to uploading to allow for verification.

Immunization information is provided to the State of Florida FLORIDA SHOTS immunization registry. Students can opt-out of the immunization registry by contacting us at .  This is an opt-out of sharing immunization information with the State of Florida registry and NOT an opt out of the immunization requirement.

Medical student deadlines are as stated on the medical student immunization form. Failure to comply with these immunization requirements prior to the beginning of your first semester will result in a registration hold. Forms will be processed within 48 hours of receipt, and immunization status can be verified via