Immunization Information

New Deadlines/Requirements

Due to COVID-19, we have revised our deadlines and requirements for the Summer and Fall 2020 terms. Please see below for the most recent updates. 

  • Immunizations: Students who are enrolled for Summer only and will not be on campus and are not participating in any in-person instruction or training are not required to submit immunization information but are advised to do so if they intend to return for the Fall semester. 
  • Influenza immunization will be required for all students during the Fall 2020 semester. Additional details will be posted on our Flu shot page as they become available


New students can use to enter their immunization information and verify compliance with the University's immunization requirements, and current students and recent alumni can access their immunization information in order to forward it to other institutions.

Although you can enter immunization information and check for preliminary compliance, final compliance will not occur, and registration holds will not be removed until we receive your immunization form, completed and signed by a healthcare provider. Immunization information is generally verified within three business days of receiving your form. Once this occurs, your compliance status will be changed to VERIFIED and registration holds will be removed.

Instructions for use

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your Cane I.D.

  3. Click on Immunization Icon / View History to review the immunization information

    already entered. Click on New to enter new information.

  4. Review your immunization information and enter any new information.

    (Do not re-enter information that has already been entered)

  5. Scan and save a copy of your signed immunization form on your computer or take a picture of it using your mobile device, and upload it at Under the ‘upload’ tab, select ‘immunization form’ from the drop-down menu.

You will not be considered compliant and the registration hold will not be removed until the form has been received and reviewed by the Student Health Service Staff.

Questions related to immunization requirements, receipt and processing of forms, or your current immunization status should be directed to