Until further notice, all care at Student Health will be by appointment only and will start with a telehealth visit. If needed, telehealth visits will be followed by in-person care.

To make an appointment for a future date, enter or review immunization information, or send a secure message to your medical provider go to: To make a same day appointment, please call 305-284-9100.

To schedule an appointment for a future date:

  1. Log onto and select the ‘Appointment’ tab on the top of the screen (top right on mobile devices).
  2. For appointment reason select 'Telehealth'. 
  3. Click ‘Submit’.
  4. Use the calendar to click on the days that are convenient for you. Available times for your selected appointment will be displayed to the right of the calendar. Schedule your appointment by clicking on the appointment time of your choice.
  5. Next, click on ‘Forms and Resources’ and complete the Telehealth consent form.
  6. Download the ‘Zoom’ app on your phone or laptop in preparation for your appointment. To activate your University of Miami account and download Zoom, visit and sign in using your CaneID credentials.
  7. On the morning of your appointment, you will receive instructions for logging onto the telehealth visit via secure message at There will be a link under "Join Zoom Meeting" that you will click to start your appointment. 



If you believe your visit is not appropriate for telehealth please call the front desk at 305-284-9100.

Please note that telehealth appointments are only available to those currently in Florida. If you are not in Florida and have the University-sponsored insurance, you still have access to telehealth via the United Healthcare network. You can find more information for virtual visits here and sign-up information here. If you do not have the University-sponsored insurance, you likely have access to telehealth through your private/alternate insurance. Please contact your insurance company directly for further information. Otherwise, seek care from available local providers. For those outside of Florida, we can still provide assistance over the phone (305-284-9100). 


Appointments can be canceled and/or rescheduled at by clicking the ‘cancel’ button below the appointment time on the home screen.   

Questions related to appointment scheduling should be directed to

Judy Arzadon, MSN, APRN, BC Family Medicine
Annemarie Marrou Yenor, MSN, APRN, BC Family Medicine
Caridad Bechtinger, MSN, APRN, BC Family Medicine
Gisel Stark, DNP, NP-C Family Medicine
Renaldo Barrios, MSN, APRN, BC Family Medicine
Lachanda Dudley, M.D. Family Medicine
Joseph Reinhardt, M.D. Family Medicine
Leanne Rutter, M.D. Family Medicine
Daniela Iribarne, M.D. Internal Medicine
Kathleen Melendez, M.D. Internal Medicine
Allergy Provider Registered Nurse