Student Health Insurance Plan

The Student Health Insurance Plan is offered by United Healthcare. This plan is designed to be used in conjunction with the services of the Student Health Service and Counseling Center. To obtain greatest benefits, students will need to utilize the Student Health Service first, where treatment will be administered or referral issued, except in the case of medical emergency, maternity, when away from campus or when the Student Health Service is closed. Spouses and dependents are encouraged to establish care with a UHealth or other UnitedHealthcare participating primary care provider by calling (305)-243-2273 for UHealth providers or referring to for UHC providers.

There are no co-payments for clinical and diagnostic services provided at the Student Health Service or Counseling Center. Co-payments and coinsurance may apply to services received elsewhere. Higher out of pocket costs apply when using out-of-network versus in-network providers. Coinsurance for in-patient care is lowest at the University of Miami Hospital, and prescription drug copays are lowest at the Lennar Walgreens Pharmacy. All students, including those with limited out of state coverage and otherwise inadequate coverage, are encouraged to review their options carefully before choosing to waive the insurance charge.

The plan highlights are as follows: 

$300.00 In Network Annual Deductible.

$750.00 Out of Network Annual Deductible.

$5,500.00 In Network Out of Pocket Maximum which includes the deductible, copays, coinsurance, and covered prescription drug copays.

$6,000.00 Out of Network Out of Pocket Maximum which includes the deductible, copays, coinsurance, and covered prescription drug copays.

Zero Co-pay at the Student Health Service.

$40.00 Co-pay for Primary Care and Specialist Care Visits outside of the Student Health Service.

No annual or lifetime maximum benefit limits.

Lower co-insurance for inpatient services and outpatient surgery at University of Miami Hospital, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, and Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center (10% co-insurance at these UM facilities versus 30% co-insurance at other in-network facilities).

Four tier prescription drug benefit (see Pharmacy brochure). Lowest pharmacy co-payments are available at the Lennar Walgreens Pharmacy. Maintenance medications available via mail-order pharmacy, 3 month supply for 2 ½ co-pays from Optum RX.

Hormonal contraception is available according to the United Healthcare formulary, including zero co-pay options at the Student Health Service and at other participating pharmacies.

Dental and vision coverage for enrollees under age 19 as required under health care reform.

For students without vision coverage, routine eye exams are covered (one per year, subject to co-payment, eyewear is not covered) from a United Healthcare participating optometrist, search for a provider at

No limitation on the number of days/visits for Mental Health coverage.

Virtual visits are available for after-hours non-emergency care.

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