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HOPE Intern

Ashley Wrushen

Year & Major: Senior, Public Health

“I joined HOPE to promote and educate my peers on how to make healthy decisions in their daily lives, during their time in college, by informing and connecting them to UM's campus resources. Their healthy behaviors developed now will lead to continued healthy lifestyles in their futures.”

HOPE Intern

Brandon Buonaiuto

Year & Major: Senior/ Microbiology & Immunology

“As an aspiring physician, I joined HOPE in order to connect with my peers and spread awareness about health concerns that affect our student body, and people in general. It is my goal to not only offer my help in combatting these health concerns in whatever capacity I may, yet to also learn and grow through those of whom I interact and work with- HOPE is a great outlet for me to do just this!”

HOPE Intern

Ebony Eddy

Year & Major: Sophomore/ Health Sciences

“I wanted to gain more knowledge about current health issues and be a part of positive change. I am passionate about different areas of health and I knew I would love to be a resource for students and to spread awareness for topics including sexual health, drugs, alcohol, and stress.”

HOPE Intern

Julia Chong

Year & Major: Junior, Public Health Major

“After taking a variety of public health classes, I realized how great the information gap is between facts college students should know and what they actually know health wise. I wanted to help close this gap.”

HOPE Intern

Sahana Kamisetty

Year & Major: Sophomore, Neuroscience

“I decided to join HOPE in order to further explore my interest in public health. In health care, prevention is always better than treatment and HOPE has allowed me to be actively involved with the promotion of health and wellness for the students and faculty at the University of Miami.”

HOPE Intern

Steven Anderson

Year & Major: 2nd Year Doctoral Student in Psychology

“As a graduate student, I'm interested in how factors related to the doctor-patient relationship can influence health. I joined HOPE so that I could extend my knowledge and help the UM community around me.”

HOPE Intern

Vivien Chen

Year & Major: Senior, Biochemistry & Nutrition

“HOPE is a great way to work with other students and spread awareness among peers about a variety of important student health issues including nutrition, sexual health, sleep hygiene, and substance abuse. One of the main aspects that I love about HOPE is that, as peer educators, the sky is the limit.  Under the Student Health Center, we are given a lot of freedom and support to develop and lead new projects and campus initiatives regarding health issues that are important to us as students.”